LAVIREN Natural Soap products are formulated to bring the nature’s wonders, that can be used for face, body and hair, suitable for even sensitive skin, hair due to the natural ingredients in content. Each soap is a unique natural product, whether it is Olive Oil soap, Ocean & Ozone soap, Pomegranate Seed Soap, Clay Soap or Vanilla soap etc. They all have the natural effect, feeling and smell due to the ingredients. LAVIREN gives the best natural soap solutions for men and women. LAVIREN has perfect Natural soap solutions needed for all skin and hair types.


Some of our soaps ; such as lavender soap series have medicinal effect and is a natural antiseptic which gives natural shine to the skin, relaxes, helps to clear dead skin on the skin, helps to remove acne, blackheads. While another soap series of lemon contains benefits of natural lemon. Especially Vitamin C content helps solving skin problems, give smoothness to the skin, and energizes it, opens the pores and allows the skin to breathe. It also helps prevent blackheads, acne, freckles, and provides skin moisture balance. It can also be used for massage on the skin, it is known to help head and body aches.


Laviren clay soap cleans the dead skin where it is used, providing a smooth appearance. Helps to remove toxins from the skin. Tightens and protects the tissues, giving the skin vitality. It also helps acne treatment.


Laviren coconut soaps have a pleasant smell and feeling, as well as coconut extracts that relieves fatigue. It also helps to enhance the skin thanks to its vitamins.


Laviren milk and honey soap, refreshes the skin with its natural content, protects the skin, nourishes it, softens it and provides the moisture that it needs.


Laviren olive oil soap gives the skin, softness and natural shine, deep cleanse. It has anti-dandruff property as well.


Laviren pomegranate seed soap ensures that the skin becomes smooth when used regularly. It has anti oxidant effect and anti aging properties. Thanks to its content, it nourishes the skin, firms and gives a fresh appearance.


Laviren rose soap moisturizes the skin with rose extraxts, helps to relieve birthmarks, supports the treatment of many skin diseases, helps wrinkled skin to rejuvenate and gain its natural glow and vitality.


Laviren sulphur soap removes the dead skin where it is used, helping the harmful organisms to be expelled from the skin. This soap gives a smooth appearance to the skin. It helps to relieve problems such as itchiness on puffy skin, removing grease on very oily skin.


Laviren vanilla soap is an aromatic soap with beautiful fragrance and vanilla content. It brings vitality to the skin. It has nourishing, softening, brightening, protective effects, and it is against acne formation. It also brings vitality to matte and pale appearences.


***Please contact our officials for distribution of herbal and natural soap products in your Country. We can provide solutions for all your special , herbal and natural soap supplies with our high quality and attractive brand with full end Customer satisfaction.