Keypharma health & beauty company proudly presents its Retro concept make up products to all its global distributors. We deliver the best make up products to our wholesalers and retailers shelves for their full customer satisfaction. The product range includes all kinds of lipsticks, lipstick crayons, concealers, blushers, foundations, eye liners, eye shadows and more with the brand ThePinkEllys.

Now after a huge success in wholesalers allover Turkey, we are expanding to global markets and accepting distributorship requests.

Our global distributors now have the chance to represent one of the few Retro concept make up products in the world. Contact our export management for your requests :

ThePinkEllys Berry Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Dark Red Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Candy Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Turffle Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Lilac Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Nude Kiss Lipstick

ThePinkEllys Chestnut Grape Crayon

ThePinkEllys Chestnut Lipstick Crayon

ThePinkEllys Pomegranate Lipstick Crayon

ThePinkEllys Under Eye Concealer Light

ThePinkEllys Under Eye Concealer Natural

ThePinkEllys Under Eye Concealer Warm

ThePinkEllys Stick Blusher

ThePinkEllys Stick Concealer Highlighter

ThePinkEllys Stick Foundation

ThePinkEllys Powder Ponpon

ThePinkEllys Super Liner for Eyes

ThePinkEllys Smoky Eye Pallet

ThePinkEllys Hazelnut Eyebrow Pencil

ThePinkEllys Mulberry Eyebrow Pencil

ThePinkEllys Foundation Blushing Brush