LAVIREN Herbal Hair Care products brings all the nature’s miracles to you with unique formulas and herbal ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals. All hair care products of Laviren Herbal Solutions by Keypharma Health and Beauty Products Ltd Sti. ; are all formulated to nourish, protect and help healthy hair growth, protecting and cleansing the scalp deeply. LAVIREN gives the best hair care solutions for men and women. LAVIREN has perfect solutions needed for all hair types.


LAVIREN Skin care products are known to have unique formulas, being innovative, cleansing the hair mildly, reducing hair loss,  promoting faster hair growth, increasing hair volume, nourishing & healing damaged hair, ensuring that hair is not too dry or too oily, leaving the hair shiny, soft and sillky while balancing the hair oil.


LAVIREN hair care series have different dermocosmetic solutions for each type of hair. Each hair type has different needs.Therefore it is important to use the products according to the hair type, whether it is oily, dry, colored hair or have hair loss issues. Upon the determination of hair type and hair requirement, it is strongly recommended to use hair care products accordingly.


Right at this point it is important to use natural products for hair which is free of chemicals that can harm the hair structure. LAVIREN hair care products will give the exact herbal solutions for all these requirements. Each LAVIREN hair care product is a result of years of know how, tests and laboratory studies to give the maximum effects to the hair. They all generally help support of healthy, moisturized, elasticized, cleansed, revitalized, smoothened hair growth preventing sebum formation making the hair smooth, shiny, vibrant and rejuvenated thanks to the herbals from the nature, organic herbs, restorative and therapeutic herb extracts and oils, fresh fruits, natural minerals and thermal waters.


Our products include herbal shampoos, herbal hair care creams, herbal hair masks, herbal hair serums which have been formulated in our laboratories by care and high Professional approach by our chemists, chemical engineer team.


Our hair care shampoo products mainly include the natural ; Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, Argan Oil Shampoo, Color & Repair Shampoo, Garlic Shampoo, Lemon & Mint Shampoo, Walnut & Almond Shampoo, each of them wonders of the nature.


Our hair care creams include natural and herbal hair care creams, hair care masks and hair care moisturizers.


It is strongly recommended to use the hair care products as a set, to bring a combined solutions to the specific needs. Such as, in case of hair loss problems; it is recommended to use Anti-Hair Loss Shampoos together with Hair Loss Sprays and Hair Loss serums. A combined approach will help the products to have the best and maximum effects for the hair.


While it is important to diagnose the exact hair type and its specific problems and specific needs, we advice to see a dermotologist and nutrionist to provide a combined effect to the whole body inside and outside. The healthy nutrition will mainly help healthy body and thus hair formation and growth while the natural, herbal hair care products; shampoos, creams, masks, oils and serums will support the hair from the outside.


We are producing all our herbal hair care products under GMP ISO 22716 : 2007 and ISO 9001 : 2008 Standards using Herbal Science Technology with giving the priority to human health, furnishing its products at the highest quality to the valued consumers thereof. We are dedicated to give solutions to satisfy the hair needs, giving the best results upon regular usage.


Being dedicated to raise the bar of its targets in the health sector, we are always in progress to create innovative solutions for personal care, hair care. Therefore our R&D is constantly working on creating solutions for specific needs and most effective solutions. With our laboratory, we have all the flexibility to supply all new products. We are proud to say that will be coming up with our innovative and unique hair care products each day such as hair botox, hair keratin, argan oil care, herbal hair masks and even more.


***Please contact our officials for distribution of herbal hair care products for your Country. We can provide solutions for all your special , herbal and natural hair care supplies with our high quality and attractive brand with full end Customer satisfaction.

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